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Small Works, curated by Rina Naik, Bristol Art Museum, Bristol, Rhode Island



American Eyes, curated by Eric Chelman, Rexer Gallery, Hoboken NJ

Ministry of Truth: 1984-2020, curated by Barbara Pollack, Anne Verhallen, Jerome Lamaar, Larry Ossei-Mensah, Sophia Marisa Lucas, & Carmen Hermo, Art At A Time Like THis, NYC



Angela Portillo is a contemporary artist who works with mixed media. Through her assimilation of different textures, colors, even live objects such as flowers, she captures a scenery through each of her artworks that redirects her to a specific moment in time. However, it’s her passion in embracing her family’s Central American background that encompasses each of her works – an element which merges memory, perception and social commentary. 

New York City-based artist, Angela Portillo, has dedicated herself to her artwork since the age of four. An avid student, she received her bachelor of fine arts degree from Parsons the New School for Design and later completed her master’s degree in global fashion supply chain management at LIM College.


Having been raised in the tropical, balmy city of Miami, Angela experienced heavy displacement and homesickness when moving to NYC. She found comfort in delving deep into the history of her Honduran heritage, merging it with the nostalgia that consumed her at the time in order to make art that allowed her to experience rebirth by recreating her emotional state. 

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