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Francisco Morazan Once Said ...

mixed media

This ongoing series integrates personal family photographs and quotes by politician Francisco Morazán. By exhibiting both the older and newer generations through an archived family memory, it depicts the nationalistic ideal of one’s responsibility to help their nation prosper. Morazán was a Central American politician who served as president of the Federal Republic of Central America, as well as the head of state of Honduras in the 1800s. Commonly recognized as a political hero, he attempted to unify Central America to form one large and progressive nation under more liberal rectifications. Such neoteric reforms resulted in Honduras’ neighboring states to revolt, ultimately dividing the newly-formed coalesced republic.


"La posteridad nos hará justicia."

"Posterity will do us justice."


Ministry of Truth


"Si avanzo sígueme, si me detengo empújame, si retrocedo mátame."


"Declaro que mi amor a Centroamérica muere conmigo"

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